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Great means for great wines.

Château Haut Peyrat
Château Haut Peyrat

Even if historically, behind Château Haut Peyrat's walls, were elaborated the great wines that have made its reputation,

those producted during the 20th century were made at the cooperative cellar in Quinsac, a few kilometers away. 

The current cellar, created in 2014 in the old building, brings together all the best tools to beautify the property's grapes: italien concrete tanks from CLC, Cheval Blanc's tank supplier, thermoregulated cellar, small size tanks for batch winemaking, traditionnal vertical press…

It is in this cellar that, after harvesting the grapes at the freshest temperatures of the day, really early in the morning, is done the winemaking process. In the tank: only grapes, thanks to a three steps selection including the hands of our precious team.


The fermentations are spontaneous, thanks to the indigeneous yeasts present at the surface of the berries.

When fermenting, a serie of dayly pumping over allows to homogeneise the tank and to extract,

in a gentle way, the color and the tanins from the marc, to get the intensity and the velvety texture of our wines.


The aging

Haut Peyrat had also to establish its barrel cellar which shelter the hundred of french oak barrels used for Château Haut Peyrat aging. There are all "one year" barrels, it means that they are bought to grand crus which had used them during one year. It allows to delicatly oaked the wine when getting all the other benefits of the barrel: easy clarification, slow oxydation, round and soft tanning, color stabilization...


The wines are blend after aging, then bottled by our historical bottling provider, Paetzold, qualitative leader on its field.

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